A Beautiful Landscape Starts With The Commitment Of A Trusted Professional

cooksExpertAt Cook’s, we believe your trees are an integral part of your property’s landscape. It’s important to have the proper diagnosis and treatment that should only be trusted with a certified arborist.

As owner, Alan shares 40 years of experience and offers expert arboricultural advice for a designed finish by deciding which trees are to be preserved first, or then removed, allowing for a suitable replacement species and it’s planting location. We are environmentally sensitive to habitat and strive to preserve indigenous species, while eliminating weak or undesirable ones.

Recently NJ passed a law stating that all tree services must be registered and licensed. The requirements include maintaining industry standard liability and workers comp insurance, have a safety program in place, minimum 7 years in business as well as maintain 32 continued educational courses biannually. Those companies that do not comply will face heavy fines, and revocation of license which will require further education to regain compliance and their license. Even false advertising as an “Expert” on a truck can cost a $1000.00. We at Cooks have already satisfied the new requirements and are grandfathered into compliance.

All Jobs Are Cleaned Up Immaculately

Ground Mats Used To Protect Turf

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