Seasonal Health Care


Inspect for winter damage, clean up fallen trees and prune broken limbs. Shape ornamentals prior to bud break. Wounds heal quickly with upward sap flow.


Inspect for insect & diseases. Trim overhanging limbs near home & for sunlight around yard & pool. Remove leaning & hollow trees prior to hurricane season.

NJ State Certified Tree Experts

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ISA Arborist #NJ1003A


Prune back overgrowth of ornamentals and evergreens as growth hardens off. Remove any dead trees which may have suffered from summer drought or disease.


Trees are dormant and a good time to prune as deadwood is more visible. Remove unwanted trees with little impact to surrounding landscape and turf. Reduced off seasonal rates may apply.

Emergency Service

When Mother Nature brings storms that cause trees to fail, Cook's provides immediate cleanup and estimates for insurance claims. For emergency assistance, call 732-803-2360.

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Ground Mats Used To Protect Turf

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